World is full of mysteries...(2) Topic:Exam

Exam, the most dreadful thing ever ..... at school.

But what is so bad about it?
Isn't it just same thing as a normal test?
What's the difference?

People, if there is anyone who can answer this in scientific way, I'll give you a packet of chocolate...


 And one more thing!


It is very strange isn't it?

Don't they want us to get good marks?

So why do the teachers love to give us students pressures?

First of all, in the exam sheet, there are... tons of spaces for us to write.

What is that for?

Maybe teachers are thinking that... we might write that much.

But well, normally, NORMAL person does not write that much.

In one question,

There are more than 15 lines to write.

It's just giving us pressures.

And one more thing.

Why don't the teachers provide supplies?

What if, a student ACCIDENTALY forgot supplies for the exams?

and what if, a student got car crash and she/he didn't get any injuries so they hurried to school,

 but lost their supplies during the accident?


Well, normally people won't do that but still.

It's just that, I've got so much questions.


One more!

Why do the teachers tell some hint to some students and not to some of the other students?

This IS strange.

It is.




I have more questions.


What about...

Well, maybe I will stop here.

If there is anyone who can answer ALL the questions that I have asked just now,

please tell me, then I will give one big packet of chocolates or candies.


Thank you.



World is full of mysteries...(1) Topic:Color



Today, I will just write what I have been thinking for long time.

Please do not complain that this is confusing or have bad grammar or what ever you are thinking of.




Have you ever thought of ‘What is Color'?

Or ‘What if, the color we are seeing now is not true color'.

These questions would confuse you a lot.


First of all, lets think about ‘What is color'.

So, what if someone asks you, ‘What is color' what would you answer?

If ‘someone' was asking in different language like Chinese, you can answer it in Chinese.

But what exactly the word ‘color' means?

Now, you have a task.

Go and open a dictionary, it doesn't matter if it is paper dictionary or electric dictionary or, just open.

Look up for the word ‘color'.

What does it say?

For an example, I just search the word ‘color' in

Well, I will list up what it means.

I would rather Cut and Paste.





the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue.



the natural appearance of the skin, esp. of the face; complexion: She has a lovely color.



a ruddy complexion: The wind and sun had given color to the sailor's face.



a blush: His remarks brought the color to her face.



vivid or distinctive quality, as of a literary work: Melville's description of a whaling voyage is full of color.



details in description, customs, speech, habits, etc., of a place or period: The novel takes place in New Orleans and contains much local color.



something that is used for coloring; pigment; paint; tint; dye.



background information, as anecdotes about players or competitors or analyses of plays, strategy, or performance, given by a sportscaster to heighten interest in a sportscast.





any distinctive color or combination or pattern of colors, esp. of a badge, ribbon, uniform, or the like, worn or displayed as a symbol of or to identify allegiance to, membership in, or sponsorship by a school, group, or organization.



nature, viewpoint, or attitude; character; personality: His behavior in a crisis revealed his true colors.



a flag, ensign, etc., particularly the national flag.



U.S. Navy. the ceremony of hoisting the national flag at 8 a.m. and of lowering it at sunset.




skin complexion of a particular people or race, esp. when other than white: a man of color.



outward appearance or aspect; guise or show: It was a lie, but it had the color of the truth.



a pretext: She did it under the color of doing a good deed.



Painting. the general use or effect of the pigments in a picture.



Phonetics. timbre.



Chiefly Law. an apparent or prima facie right or ground: to hold possession under color of title.



Music. tone color.



a trace or particle of valuable mineral, esp. gold, as shown by washing auriferous gravel.



Physics. any of the labels red, green, or blue that designate the three states in which quarks are expected to exist, or any of the corresponding labels for antiquark states. Compare quantum chromodynamics, quark model.



Printing. the amount of ink used.



Heraldry. a tincture other than a fur or metal, usually including gules, azure, vert, sable, and purpure.



involving, utilizing, yielding, or possessing color: a color TV.

-verb (used with object)


to give or apply color to; tinge; paint; dye: She colored her hair dark red.



to cause to appear different from the reality: In order to influence the jury, he colored his account of what had happened.



to give a special character or distinguishing quality to: His personal feelings color his writing.

-verb (used without object)


to take on or change color: The ocean colored at dawn.



to flush; blush: He colored when confronted with the incriminating evidence.



call to the colors, to summon for service in the armed forces: Thousands are being called to the colors.



change color,


to blush as from embarrassment.



to turn pale, as from fear: When he saw the size of his opponent, he changed color.



with flying colors. flying colors.

Also, especially British, colour.


[Origin: 1250-1300; ME col(o)ur < AF (F couleur) < L colōr- (s. of color) hue ]

-Related forms

col·or·er, noun


-Synonyms 23. bias, twist.

-Usage note See -or1.


Yea, there are lots of meanings.

But really, there are lots of meanings but the word we want to look for is, ‘color' not in any other meanings.

You can tell it in scientific ways but how can you tell in ‘normal' way?

‘Color' is something which is included in general knowledge.

Every one knows what ‘color' is.


...But how can you definite what ‘color' is?


Most of the words have ‘another way' to say it, which is called synonyms, but what about color?

How would you tell in ‘one word'?




Now, let's talk about ‘What if, the color we are seeing now is not true color'.


Did you know that the dog can not see any color other than black and white?

And the cat can not see the color red?


Well, if you were a cat, how can you know there is a color called red?

If you were a dog, how can you know there is a thing called color?


This can be asked to the human too.

How can we know that the world we are seeing now is in true color?

How can we tell that?


Only the thing was, the human kind had made civilization because they had evolved brain.

So if the dog had evolved brain maybe the world was ‘normal' that it was only in black and white.


It is very difficult to express what I want to say but, I would say, ‘what if the world we are seeing now is not in the real color'?


Well, this is getting confused.


A person who has read this, please think and answer for the questions I had written over here.





‘Addicting' is very annoying, and horrifying thing. It makes you not getting rid of the thing, and makes you can not live without the thing.


 One time, somewhere in the world, there was a family. They were living quite happily just like in a fairytale, but this family had one problem. The problem was that the eldest son doesn't work, even though he was already 29. He was ‘addicted' to computer; he was playing with the computer morning ‘til night. So of course, his family hated him, none of the family talked to him except for the time they have to.

 It was okay, when their father was still working, but now, he is already 60. He has to stop working. But if he stops working, they can not live anymore. The second son is still in middle year, youngest is in primary. So now they HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about the oldest one.

 They thought lots of things which can make him not play with the computer; and at last, father had an idea. Using the ‘welcome' part, where the word ‘Welcome' and some sound come out, they did an trick. Father changed the sound of the welcome screen into his voice saying some scary, squeaky stuff; When are you going to sleep...? Do you want me to eat you up or kill...? You are always using me and don't even allows me to rest. YOU THIS ------!!!!!.
<lets not type the word>

 The same day at night.

Father heard his son scream, he thought he got tricked and so he was quite glad.

So he went to change the setting again, so that it won't scare the other members of the family.

Then when he heard it.... He screamed like his son.





---And what he heard was...

When are you going to sleep...? Do you want me to eat you up or kill...? You are always using me and don't even allows me to rest. YOU THIS ------!!!!!. FEMALE voice.





 What happened...?    


Daily Life

Daily Life


Should I do that or this or just go sleep

Drowsier I get and know how tired I was

Moment I wake and hear the noise say beep

Sit up then down again to have more rest


Runs up and down waiting for them to come

With friends everything is very exciting

Now let's play outside anything fun

I feel comfortable with their calling


Back home it is the smell of tasty meal

I would jump and hop waiting for the time

Chat and laugh having and feeling the weal

You can not buy this blissful time with dime


I would hope that this time will last for ever

 But will be gone like the heat of fever


The Cats

Once, there was an old lady, who just loved being with cats.

After her husband and children had died, cats were the only thing that could fill up her loneliness in her heart.

She had about four cats at home; she was even feeding the alley cats and stray cats. There were about ten to twenty cats which always came to her house to get food. She liked them, and so she didn't care what the other people say, or about how much money she spends for the cats. Except for the cats, there were no one visiting her house, she was just so alone. Other than having time with cats, she was reading, knitting, writing. For her, it was a very blissful time.

But one day, except for her cats, they were gone. Suddenly, one day when she woke up, her house was completely blank. The part of her heart that cats had filled was also a blank. Though she still had four cats, she was still feeling upset, by missing her cats.

Seeing her being so stricken with grief, one of her relatives came to comfort her. None of the relatives wanted to go, but they had to.

So one of the relatives took her to shopping, she thought that the old lady might feel better. And now, they were at a clothing store, and was about to buy a coat. The old lady was very fond of a coat with the fur. So the relative asked the shopkeeper,

"What fur is this?"

Then the shopkeeper smiled and said,

"It is made of cat's fur."   

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