Recommended Series...MAXIMUM RIDE!

Maximum Ride is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very VERY good series that I recommend to ANYONE that likes reading. And I'm not kidding, IT IS VERY GOOD! (Further information about why it's good, go read my reading journals about it)

Basically the story is about Max, Fang, Iggy, the Gasman, Nudge and Angel, aka the flock. They have a mission on saving the world from the evil companies that are branches of Itex, where whitecoats keeps on combining DNA's, and making new species of humans that are not really humans. They are always tracked down and attacked by Erasers (human-lupine hybrids made by the whitecoats) Why say they're evil? Go read it.

As Angela had said it in her blog entry too, it's a really awesome book, go ask Angela or Eric, they know. IT IS AWESOME! It's the best book I've ever read, and I'm very eager to find out what will happen to the flock in the fourth book, of course I've finished the first, second and the third. Basically I like fantasy books, but this kind is a bit different. It is kind of a combination of fantasy and modern and real life. Because they even have iPods, Disney Worlds, and things like idols, or places like the United States, England, France, China and guess what, even TAIWAN is mentioned in there! And guess what...Fang in there even has a blog! (Not that it's a true one though, since I even checked it out and found that the page cannot be displayed) Pretty cool eh? I like these kind of books where I can understand everything that happened in the book, since it's all from real life.

Summing up the things that I've said, it's a really cool series, and you know, you seriously HAVE to read this series! I'm dead serious about this, go check it out and then you'll know whether I'm lying or not. I'm pretty sure that Angela and Eric would agree with me, because it is Eric that I borrowed the books from, and Angela the one I recommended to.



Self-Evaluation Entry...

So.......Self-evaluation? Hmm...better think about that seriously then.

Sooo...what have I done this year? Well yeah, I know I did reading, writing essays, watching movies, and stuff like that, but what have I done well? That'll be a more challenging question than the 'what have I done' question. So seriously, what have I done well? I think the things that I've done well are that I actually improved my listening, speaking and reading. Why do I think that though? Because at first, when I first entered Grade 7, even though I listen in class, but I didn't really understand what Mr. MacKnight and other teachers are talking about. But now, I can't really understand every word of what every teachers are saying, but I can understand most of them, or at least more than I did before.

Even though I listen in class, I don't really talk and raise my hands in class, which, as my mom said, is a big problem since then I won't have an opportunity to speak in English. But think about it, I have friends and classmates that are foreigners. I mean, I don't talk to them in Chinese of course? If I do, I'll see a lot of question marks on their head which they obviously won't get my meaning. So yeah, of course I talk when I'm out of class. And what did the trick was that when I talk to Angela, she actually corrects me when I have grammar mistakes, pronounciation mistakes, or wrong accent (nice teacher eh? Start thinking about having her as your tutor!). So once, while reading The Giver out in class, I found out that I got one paragraph out and smooth and I wasn't actually stammering, which is pretty rare. Because when I read out loud, I sometimes would stare at the word and my brain wasn't really processing the word, which I sometimes will sit there, not able to read the word out, so yeah, I personally think that I kind of improved, at least I got one paragraph out smooth...!

For reading, I'm 100% sure that I did well. Because I read every day for the past nine months, and will read everyday, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year for the rest of my life according to what Mr. MacKnight had said. So yeah, I like reading, and I'm sure that I improved because at first, I like reading books that only contains about one hundred pages or so, and I kind of think that that's a lot. But see now? I like reading books that contains more than three hundred pages, and would think that it's too less when some one recommends me a book that only has one hundred or two hundred pages. But now thinking back, I only read books containing fifty or so pages last year, and I thought that it's too many! See the difference?

And yeah of course I have a lot weaknesses and very less strengths. One of my worst weekness is that I can't really understand what they're talking about when we're watching movies without subtitles supporting me, because they speak too fast for me to understand, and sometimes they use 'weird' grammars (well, weird for me), and while we're watching 'Romeo and Juliet', they were using 'ancient English', so at first when we don't have the subtitles on, I have literally no idea what they're talking about. I was even wondering whether they're talking in English or not (haha). So yea, that was one of my weaknesses, I can't watch a movie without subtitles.

Another one is that I can't write an essay properly/meaningfully/outstandingly/whatever you call it. It is one my my worst/horrible/terrible weaknesses too, because it will definitely drag my grade down, since the only thing that we're tested on was to write essays for the Exams. I sometimes can't make my subject stand out, and sometimes I'll just go blah blah blah and start to babble about some other not-so-important stuff. So yeah, I'll improve on that of course, since it'll probably be my worst enemy when I grow up. So that's another weakness of mine: Can't write an essay properly/meaningfully/outstandingly.

Another weakness is that my vocabulary and spelling and grammar aren't that great, especially my vocab. That wasn't really that worst nightmare, but it'll drag my essay-writing and my grades down a bit too, since the words that I use are all primary ones, but I know that my vocab will increase bit by bit, since I'm in love with reading now. See? Another one: I don't have that great vocab and spelling.

And I know that if I go on and on, I'll be writing an essay about a thousand words, so I'll just stop here. Now speaking of my habits, I realized that one of them is very important to have in Mr. MacKnight's class, and that is to read every night for 15 minutes, now I gained the habit of reading everyday, I would go into the bedroom with a book in one hand and homework diary in another, and sit on the bed, then I'll start reading. Every time I start reading, it'll be a good after 12 o'clock until I stopped. So, noticing that, my mom starts to tell me to go to bed, because I read too much. She tells me to go to bed even though it's only 11 o'clock. Well, I know I'm supposed to be in bed, but it's just that the books I'm reading are too awesome! (Umm I don't think I have to mention that anymore since I've made it clear on other entries) I think it's both a good and a bad habit.

One of my bad habits before is to spend too much on one essay and have no time on the other if I have to finish two essays in a particular time. But this time we have to write two essays in our Exams, and amazingly I finished the two essays in time! Because I timed myself that I can only spend 45 minutes on each one (having in mind that we have 90 minutes total), and by doing that, I planned first what I have to write, and reminded myself not to write too much and start to babble, so I finished two 5-paragraph essays just in time to turn it in. One point to me. So yeah, I think that bad habit of mine is improving bit by bit. One more point for me.Laughing

And now that I went back and read my entry (the one that you're reading right now) I think that it'll become wayyyyyy too long if I go on and on on my habits. So...time for the stuff I like for English!

I like The Giver out of all three books that we've read about. Because it's a new style of book that I've never read before. It's new for me and I think it's a cool book. I like the movies we watched, even though Shakespeare in love and Romeo and Juliet went a bit toooooo far, but they were ok. For the speeches Mr. MacKnight made us do, I like the O, Romeo Romeo one the best, since it's the best 'speech' I've made, and it's the speech that I got the most applause from the audience out of all the speeches everyone made. It made me feel prrrrrrouuuuudddd. Hahaha just joking. Well, I did feel a bit embarrassing, getting up there, but I think I did my best.

I think the grade I'll get for English in the report is 5 or 6, or at least I hope so, since last year I've only gotttttt.....(wow, now that I think of it...I got a better mark for English than Chinese last year! Whatever, get back to the subject.) I think I'll get anything above 5, because I think I didn't really do THAT bad, at least I -think- I did a good job on my reading and blogging and Exams part, (not my speeches and essays normally though) but I think it'll be better if I get a 7 out of 7, but anything above 5 would make me satisfied enough. Smile


Maximum Ride...The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
James Patterson
469 pages

Fourteen-year-old Max. Fang, Iggy, along with ten-year-old Nudge, eight-year-old the Gasman, and six-year-old Angel are runaway children. Well, not exactly runaway children, but they were kidnapped from the School by Jeb (who's a good guy) and raised by him for the first two years who then disappeared afterwards. And also, they're no normal children at all, they are from a successful experiment where the School's whitecoats, a.k.a. scientists/professors, had inserted and put together human genes and bird genes, which made them a 98% human and 2% bird 'mutant'. And yes, they have wings, which will stretch out at their will, whether they're fleeing from the Erasers or wanting to stay unseen airborne. Erasers are like werewolves, but they don't change shape when they are under full moon. No, they can morph into wolves at their will, which sounds kind of bad, right? They have good skills of fighting, and strong powers too, later in the book, they even turn into flying Erasers. The flock's their alive target, because they want to destroy the flock, and get rid of them. At first when the flock is walking outside their home, Erasers suddenly attacked and they ran for their lives - and they know that they would never get peace after this, because Angel is kidnapped by the Erasers. They, of course, is on the search of Angel and found her in the School so of course brought her back. According to Angel, she overheard people thinking that the information about their parents are in a particular Institute, yes you read right, she can read people's minds, so of course they went and search for it. On the other hand, Max has just been informed that she is kind of in chrage of saving the world, from what? When? Where? And most importantly...HOW? And that isn't the only mission she has, the flock's parents are unknown people, so it's also their mission to find out who their parents are, and why they abandoned/sold them to that horrible, terrible lab. But after searching through the Institute, they found a bunch of informations about themselves, so they gained the hope of finding their parents. Unfortunately at last, they don't have any success of finding their parents, and who said Max's mission of saving the world has ended? Of course not.

I can't actually figure out who I like most, because they have their own characteristics, and they have their own powers. Powers as in, like, skills and gifts, definitely not powers like shooting something out of their bare hands. But I'll just choose on and talk about him/her for this entry. Let me think...Max is a sweet girl, and she's also the leader of the flock, a mom-like leader. She takes care of her flock, and always comes up with a plan whenever there's a problem. Even if she doesn't have one, she would just comfort and tell the rest of the flock that they always have a plan in hand, and think up something with Fang while they're all asleep. Max can be a mom-like leader, but can also be a strong fighter as well. She is the toughest in the flock, even though she's a girl. She is tall for her age, and strong for her age too. She can almost take care of everything, but when things are going out of control, she would go to Fang, the best friend/family member/person that she trusted the most and discuss the issue. After all, she's a cool girl, and sure wouldn't abandon her flock and is incorruptible to anything. Such a nice girl.

I LOVE this book, it's the best book I've ever read. Basically because its plots are so well planned and there are so many twists that when I'm reading the book, I am always thinking oh my can this happen? And the book also gave me a lot of gasps when I'm reading. I like the way the James Patterson had used Max's way of talking to narrate, because it's never too formal, and it's just like a fourteen-year-old teenage girl telling you the whole story, you know, the speaking is very modern, and humorous too. Sometimes you would laugh at this sentence that Max had said, not in quotes, which never happened before when I'm reading books. Because the books that I read before, the narrator (the author, or sometimes one of the characters) are too formal and are always narrating or descibing a particular thing, but in this book, the narrator (Max) seems to be talking to you, and she used a teenage girl tone even when she's narrating. The book is very modern too (having in mind that it's only published last year), so they even talk about modern things like iPod's and Disney Worlds, and the language used isn't really that formal, because Max sometimes say "no freaking duh" or "no biggie" etc., make people feel like this book is really really really modern. I like the way the action scenes are described, and it always made me imagine the actions in my mind, which makes me feel like I'm watching a movie in my mind. I think they're going to make a movie out of this book...if so, I am so going to watch the whole series! And of course, this book deserves a good 100 out of 10.



Whooooo hooooo~ Exams are over finally! Well, it wasn't that bad after all to sit in the gym and having silence, I actually liked sitting in the gym and being able to concentrate to read a book for about one and a half hour in a row, and I found out that I can actually finish reading a book that is three hundred something pages in two days in the gym with no one distracting me (and no, I can't read a book at home unless it's midnight while I'm sitting on my bed with a lamp beside me and the silence inside the house), and just to tell you the book is called Maximum Ride and it's a really really really awesome book!

Uh...let's just get back to the topic. We're off track, in case you haven't noticed, that (^---) not the whole point of the entry here.

Ok... the exams are not really THAT hard, but some are confusing and just to let you know I HATE ESSAYS! And now we have to write like an essay each for English and Chinese? I have no idea what to write! For Chinese, I got a really average mark, but I think that is probably the best score I've ever got for this year, Grade 7. I know that I ain't improving much, but at least the best score appears on the exam, not the worst. We got back our Math exam marks too, and it was a mark that wasn't good enough but enough for me to be satisfied. Science? Haha one mark off, still enough for me to be satified, I'm not that full of myself that I actually think I can get full marks! Aaaand yeah...Still two more grades to come though...Wonder whether they'll be good or bad or...average like Chinese.

Anyways I am very happy that the exams are over but at the same time sad, happy because we don't have to do anymore tests, but sad because I like tests better than homework, class work, and teachers talking talking talking. So yeah, that was probably what I'm gonna say about this.



At first, the sports day was on Monday, but then it rained. So we DON'T get to miss Chinese! That was what it all matters. And also, if they change the date of Sports Day into Wednesday, we would miss Food Tech! Pffffffffft, how can they do that???

But then on Tuesday, Mr. Evans let us cook, usually it was on Wednesday, but he said that we need to learn about how we make a muffin, so he changed the date of cooking. How good this teacher is! We made blueberry muffins, and they're delicious, even though I don't really like to eat blueberries.

When the real Sports Day event finally came, we were dressing up as twins. We changed during break time, then sat down at the stairs, waiting for the big event to begin. The first event was the 100 m race. I signed up for it, so did Angela, then we both walked to the starting point, where everybody else that's involved in this race are waiting. Beeeeeep and there we go! We started to dash, and in a few seconds we're at the finish line. I got fourth place, where Angela got the third.

The whole thing was pretty cool after all, just that I found out, if someone is running slowly, everybody cheers for him/her instead of the winners, which was pretty weird. I know it's just that we're encouraging them, but when the winners came in, not many people actually were cheering for them, they were cheering for the last runner!

We finish off the day with the 1500 meters run. It was an opened race, so everyone's not forced to join it. I joined it too, because of the training of Mr. Foster, and having in mind that even if I came in very behind, I would add some additional points to the house too. So basically that only me and Angela signed the form, but I was amazed by how many people there are when the actual race starts. The whole starting line was packed with people and it was so dense that I doubt no one will bump into someone else. While running, there's this really random guy that came in front of Angela and blocked her way while pretending he was looking at the finishing line. When Angela tries to run in front of him, he even tried to block her way, but fortunately Angela was way faster so she got in front of that really random blocking-people's-way guy. We both came in under 12 minutes.

 The Sports Day wasn't so bad after all, we get to miss classes, that's the whole point I only care about!


Random Stuff...Or At Least You Can Just Say They're Recent Events.

Ummm as the title says, I don't have anything special to write about. So I'm gonna write about ANYTHING that comes to my mind...

So...recent events...All I can think of that's really really REALLY interesting is the Mishkin concert. Well yea, at first the teacher told us that after lunch we have a concert, and first I thought it was like piano-y singing kind of concert. You know, the concerts we usually have during some assemblies. But then, it turns out to be the NOISY, SUPER-ROCK concert. Well, it's not THAT bad, it's just that, firstly, I just DON'T understand why they have to shake their heads like WILD while playing the guitar. It's like...REALLY WILD. They shook their heads back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, non-stop. I was like, do they HAVE to shake their heads like that? Wouldn't that hurt? Aren't their heads dizzy? Wow, it must feel ike your head's coming off your neck. But then, I realized the second thing. I couldn't understand a word they say! Well, I WAS able to catch some words, but the microphone was wayyy too...quiet. And plus, when they're singing, the whole song is covered by the drums and the guitars at the back! Well, except the parts where they scream and shout into the microphone. THAT part, I also don't understand a word. So afterall, I didn't really understand what they're talking about throughout the whole concert. I just know that people were going down to the first floor, and Oscar won the T-shirt. That's all I know, or, at least, understand. But, I just feel that I have to mention it, their songs sound kind of good, or at least they are the songs that I like to listen to.

And also, thinking of recent events, the Spirit Week came to my mind too. The Spirit Week is next week, where we need to wear house colors on Monday, Pajamas on Tuesday, dress alike with someone else on Wednesday, freaky hair/ clothes on Thursday, and formal clothes on Friday, since Friday is the last day of school for the 12th graders before their exams. So now I have to worry about what to wear each day...well, I'm good about house colors, but the other days...hmm...I really have to think about that...I CANNOT just give away 20 RMB! Well, it's not THAT expensive, but I just don't want to. For each day, if you don't dress 'appropriately' you'll need to pay 5 RMB.

So...yeah, that's it for this blog entry. Have fun dressing up!


Reading Journal --- The Thief Lord

The Thief Lord 
Cornelia Funke
345 pages

When Prosper and Bo's parents died, Aunt Esther was the one who is in charge of them. But the only problem is that their aunt and uncle only wants Bo, they don't want Prosper. They were planning to send Prosper to a borading school. But Prosper loved his brother, and he won't be bundled off at the school, leaving his beloved brother with his nasty aunt and uncle. So they escaped to the city their mother often tell wonderful stories about: Venice, Italy. But when they arrived there, they are completely lost. They don't know what to do next, they don't have anything to eat, they don't have money, they just don't have anything well-planned. But it all went well after Thief Lord had adopted them. Thief Lord trained them to steal, and they lived in a abandoned theater. But it was not long before the detective that Aunt Esther sent, Victor Getz, tracked them down. That wasn't the worst thing. Soon after Victor tracks them down, they found out that the Thief Lord, was actually a pampered boy and all the stuff that Scipio 'stole' was from his own house. But in the mean time, Scipio was offered a job that he couldn't refuse. The job was to steal a part of the magic carousel, that would turn people from old to young, and from young to old. The missing part is in a woman, called Ida Spavental's house. She claims to see the magic carousel herself when she found out that they broke into the house, otherwise she would give them away to the police. After finding the magic carousel, Scipio ends up riding it and turned into a man, because he doesn't want his father to control him. Victor catched them doing this and tried to turn them back to her aunt, but after living with Bo for one day, Aunt Esther doesn't want him anymore. So they end up with living Ida, with their mates Hornet, Riccio and Mosca. On the other hand, the grown-up Scipio has became one of Victor's apprentice and day by day his fame as a detective grows. And it was soon that everyone calls him the Thief Lord, Not because he can steal things from rich houses, but because he can slip into houses and find clues without leaving any traces.

I want to be a friend with...the Thief Lord, aka Scipio. He is resolute and decisive. His family is very rich, and yet he still wants to look after his mates. He even steal things from his own family to help them survive. After Prosper and company found out that he is from a rich family, they pushed him out of the group and don't want to see him again. But Scipio didn't give up his thought of wanting to be free. Despite that Prosper and company don't want him to be involved in this and said to him that he should go back to his own rich family. He actually doesn't want to be controlled by his family, so he completed the job and rode on the carousel, and now he's free from his family. He wouldn't abandon his thoughts and he would do whatever he wants to, never giving it up. I think he's is very caring, because after all, it's him that rescued Prosper and Bo, helping them survive in this situation. And whenever they have trouble, Scipio would help them no matter what trouble he would get in. He often return to the theater at night, announcing where to steal from, and when he'll be back again. He does't care that his parents would find out about him slipping in everywhere and stealing stuff, he just cares about Prosper and his mates.

I think this book is very exciting and you wouldn't be able to know what will happen next. At first, you would think that Victor is a bad guy, but after all, he didn't give Prosper and Bo away to the police or their aunt and ucle after he found out what they did. And at first you would think that the Thief Lord is also a poor kid himself so that he needs to steal things, but he wasn't, he came from a very rich family. At first you would think that Aunt Esther wouldn't give up trying to adopt Bo but at last, they gave him up. All kinds of things are unexpected in this book, and I think every charater has came to life under the author's pen. He expressed every character very well, and I can understand everything that is happening in this book. There's no narrating too much, there's no part that I don't understand, so I think this book deserves a good 10 out of 10.


Romeo and Juliet...

The unit we're studying right now is about Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. We also studied about Sonnets and how to write them.

A Sonnet consists of three quatrains (4 sentences with iambic pentameter with one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable |ˇ `| [ba-bumb] with rhyming scheme abab, cdcd, efef, gg) and one couplet (which is your comment about your image, two sentences with iambic pentameter with one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable just like the quatrains)

At first I thought writing a Sonnet is VERY difficult but sometimes when I am editting my Sonnet, something just pop into my head and ding there you are, the first quatrain is done. But sometime it might not be as easy, I might think for three hours and yet nothing has been done. So it depends on whether my inspiration is there or not.

Having in mind that Sonnets are first 'invented' by Willian Shakespeare, we also watched two movies about him: one is called Shakespeare in Love and the other is called Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare in Love is talking about how Shakespeare is lack of inpiration and how he got in love with Viola, a very rich woman who is about to marry Wassex, another rich guy.After the experience in love, Shakespeare wrote his Romeo and Juliet. 

Romeo and Juliet is basically talking about Romeo Montague gets into this 'Capulet party' and got in love with Juliet, daughter of Capulet. But they are enemies. They got married secretly, but after finding out that Romeo killed Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, the prince then banished Romeo out of Verona. Juliet had to marry a man called Paris but she doesn't want to. She went to the Friar and asked for some advices. He advised Juliet to drink a kind of portion that will make Juliet appear dead for 42 hours. Her parents then would think that she is dead and therefore Juliet can go to Mantua - where Romeo went after being banished - secretly to find Romeo. Romeo on the other hand receives the news that Juliet is dead from his servant. But the Friar's letter that holds the truth wasn't delivered successfully. He then drank a potion and died beside his beloved Juliet. After Juliet found out that Romeo has commited suicide, she took Romeo's dagger and kills herself too. After knowing what has happened recently, Old Capulet and Old Montague decide to end their feud and claimed peace.

Although this movie is sad, but I think it wasn't THAT realistic. I mean, in real life, they can't possibly be in love with each other in the night and get married the very next day. And then Mercutio and Tybalt got killed the next day. How come all these events happen in ONLY THREE DAYS?! I also think that they did the kissing thing way too much. Other than that, I think the rest is fine, despite the fact that I don't really like watching movies in old English, like thou's, thy's, thee's etc. I don't really get them without the subtitles. By the way, this is my first time watching Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare did a pretty good job while writing this play/movie but I think Shakespeare in Love was better than Romeo and Juliet, at least Shakespeare in Love was more realastic


Life Is Nothing Without Friends

This is my Sonnet about friends, hope you enjoy it Tongue out

Life Is Nothing Without Friends
A teacher is there to teach you something
And you learn things that you don't know before
Friends help you, teach you without noticing
Giving you friendship when you need some more

When you feel downcast and in a bad mood
All you need is music that comforts you
Friends are the music that makes you feel good
And also makes you no longer feel blue

You can't live without any air to breathe
You will be dead, as if killed by a knife
Even though you won't die if your friends leave
You still need friends with you throughout your life

Friends are very valuable, without them,
You will be living inside darkness then!

p.s.: Angela helped me with some sentences when I'm stuck, thanks to her!


Reading Journal --- A Crack in the Line

I finally decided to write journal entries after a long time. 

A Crack in the Line
323 Pages
By Michael Lawrence

Sixteen-year-old Alaric lives with his father in an old Victorian mansion, aka Withern Rise. His mother had experienced a horrible train crash two years earlier, having 50-50 chance of surviving but died. Withern Rise had no more warmth from then. Alaric, while on his own, had reacquainted the house and took out a folly made by his mother. The folly contains a small copy of the Withern Rise. Alaric focused on the small copy of Withern Rise and thinking of his mother, but in a split second a searing pain has met Alaric, walls and shapes of his room seems to be falling apart. Soon enough he found himself sitting in a similar room like his own, except that it was cleaner and warmer. But a strange girl standing there staring at him. The girl was called Naia. No longer did they find out that they are extremely alike, despite the fact that they are different genders - same age, same appearance, same last name, same history, and they both have the same copy of the folly. Naia's mother had experienced the horrible train crash too, she also have a 50-50 chance but she survived. They soon found out that two realities exist at the same time, and all the things that have 50-50 chance, it's always that Alaric have this 50 and Naia the other. For example the doctor said that Alaric's mother would have a 50-50 chance of having a girl or a boy, but it turns out to be a boy so in the other reality, Naia is born with a gender of a girl. Their discoveries about each other bring many realizations and events that often startle both of them. But in the end, they bumped into each other and fell while taking their photo albums to meet each other using the folly. The effect of the folly wouldn't last long, so they rushed to take their photo albums and return to their own realities. The folly cracked and exploded, meaning that they can't go and meet each other any more. There are two possibilities that would happen to them. One being that they both took the wrong photo album home and the other being they returned to the wrong reality, Alaric to Naia's family and Naia to Alaric's cold house with her dad marrying another woman unfamiliar to her.

For answering the question: Which character would you want to be friends with? I would answer: I want to be friends with Naia. Why? Because she is very careful about everything and has a curious heart so she wants to figure everything out. When they're finding out what are the reasons why they are alike and different, she went through all the events and histories to find the similarities and differences between them. She considers every single reasons and she wouldn't left any of them out. She cares about Alaric and actually taking him as her own relative and takes good care of him when her mother came in the door or when Alaric went out to find whether the outside world is the same as his or not. She is overall a nice person and I think it would be great to have her as a friend.

For this book, I gave it a 9.5. I think the plot, the story and the speaking of the characters are really well written. I've never read books like this before and I'm new to it. But I think it's very exciting and I never guessed right about what would happen next. I think the book would spontaneously give us answers to any of our curiosity or questions. I took 0.5 marks off because it narrated and described something too much and sometime I get bored. But the story itself is very entertaining and exciting.

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