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Movie title: Tess, Director's name: Roman Polanski, Names of leading actors:Nastassja Kinski (Tess), Peter Firth (Angel Clare), Leigh Lawson (Alec), Date released: 1979 Genre: Romantic comedy/Drama. It is very hard to compare this movie with other movie because I've never watch other movie like this. The acting was great and it was amazing that the movie was made in 1979, Tess acts very well and everything in the movie looks realistic. There were alot of sad part in the story, and nearly in the end of the movie I think that Alec is being so mean to Tess. I've never read the book called Tess. The costumes were like from England, and there were many scenes which were sad and funny, Alot scenes in the movie were also like a picture or a drawing. For example at the dancing night, and also in the open fields. The only special effect in movie will be the blood, there could be some sound effects but I am not very sure about it. I would recommend it to the people who were in love with each other because this movie can tell them alot of things. I think I'll give this movie around 8 to 9/10.


Helicopter crashes

'Hey want to see some pretty bad pilots or just plain helicopter crashes well today you get lucky cause i got some off of youtube just now, just click on the links below to view.

the first one is just so stupid, the second one just lands too fast, and the third, well thats just nature.'

In the earth quake, one helicopter lost control and crashed..... =(


Chonghao "The translater"

Chonghao is currently re-writting everybody's blogs and "translating" them into proper english. But then again this is chonghao we are talking about go on living your lives and pay no attention to the sad boy making "corrections" to my storie things. His probabaly keeping his first place.


What is a good life?

What is a good life?

A good life is to be happy all day long (No matter if your're poor or rich). A good life is to be neat and tidy on everything you do. A good life is to try your best, working as hard as you can on everything. A good life is to be friendly, polite, honest, kind to everyone even you don't like someone. A good life is to help other people. A good life is to do something helpful to the community, eg. plating trees.


Independent day

Of what kevin wrote and what chonghao translated, I think independent is a good movie that alot of people will enjoy, especially in the scene how a men flying a jet destroyed the alien's ship. The only problem is that is movie is made a long time ago. Well do what kevin sad go on this website and watch it:

P.S. Watch this video at your house, or plug in your headphones, so you can hear what he is saying.

Or just buy the DVD from a shop and watch it on the TV. The costs should be in this range ( 7-10 RMB ). The sound effect will be much better!


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