the man who planted trees

I think that this story is really good, because it shows a person who does his own work, and does not wait around lazily for someone else to do it for him. He sets a goal thatrs of exile, with the war all around he continued to do his task and lived a happy life in the secluded area he lives in. When he dies the place is left with a magnifice he spirit came back to the people who lived in that little (or maybe big) area of Elzeard's forest and all of its neighbors. Even after years and yeaactually follows and succeeds in making that certain place (where ever he is) a better place to live. Before the trees went up the area around was disgusting, dry, and dead. The people who lived there faught for everything that they could get, and it was just a terrible place to live. After the trees started to come back up the life and nt forest and a wonderful place to visit and live, which I dont know maybe was the dream of Elzeard, but nevertheless it is (or was) a happy place to be.


P.S. Chonghao cannot translate this it is perfect already.



Have you ever seen the movie independance? Well if you have not you have been missing a good movie. It has aliens invading and a lot of action seens. but then again some of you might not enjoy rthe movie, oh well your loss. i'll post a funny scene on here to give u a heads up on what its  about.

P.S. Watch this vid. at your house, or plugg in headphones so you can here what he is saying.


Helicopter Crashes

Hey want to see some pretty bad pilots or just plain helicopter crashes well today you get lucky cause i got some off of youtube just now, just click on the links below to view.

the first one is just so stupid, the second one just lands too fast, and the third, well thats just nature.


Candy mountain

Canydy mountain is a hilarious video about unicorns. just click on the link below to get a fun video of unicorns.

if this link does not work go to

and then type in candy mountain on the search bar, then watch one, this video is soo funny.


Dumb People

People do very dumb things some times to become popular or well known. Sometimes it can be funny, but it usually ends up painfull.

if you would like to watch some of these.......people then put the link(s) below into your search bar. ENJOY

P.S. please do not try to do any of these stunts at home while videotaping yourself. These people are proffecional idiots please do not do at home.

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