Exam's over!!

Today is Thursday!! That's the reason why I am so happy today. First, I can come and write the blof entry and second, the exam's over!!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it was our exam day and I had to work really hard. I think I worked hard but I don't know, I think the report will tell

me if I worked hard or not. I tried my hardest though. I really like when I seat in the sports hall with everybody else. (when I am not taking the test)

On Monday, at the first session, I took Math, which was pretty good and I got a pretty good mark. And then on the second session, it was Chinese,

I bet I did really on the Chinese test because I am really bad at Chinese. I am trying though. Then for the last session, everybody had the time to

review but I don't think that I used the time wisely enough. I couln't concentrate because everybody was talking including me! How can you not talk

when all of your friends are around you. We had a good time actually.

On Tuesday, at the first session, we had English. We had to write two essays in shor period of time and may hand hurt a lot. Still, I finished and

handed it in but I don't know that score and result yet. At the second session, we had Science and it was just so hard. I didn't liked it. It was

nothing related to what we learned. It was a test on the skills and processing. Then we had the review session again and I was really worried about the

Geography which was on wednesday, so I studied, ignoring my all lovely friends trying to talking to me.

On Wendnesday, the last day of our exam, I only had Geography and we had to review until the History exam were finished. Then after break, we had

another one whole hour to review, so I kept reviewing then we had to take the Geography exam, and for the first time, I felt that the time was too

short but still I finished it. After I finished my last exam, I felt really relieved.

Now, I have only one thing left. Waiting until all the result comes out as a report.

This is my last term at SSIS and the exam part was a really big memory. Think I will never forget it!! I love SSIS but not the exams!!


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