Exam's over!!

Today is Thursday!! That's the reason why I am so happy today. First, I can come and write the blof entry and second, the exam's over!!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it was our exam day and I had to work really hard. I think I worked hard but I don't know, I think the report will tell

me if I worked hard or not. I tried my hardest though. I really like when I seat in the sports hall with everybody else. (when I am not taking the test)

On Monday, at the first session, I took Math, which was pretty good and I got a pretty good mark. And then on the second session, it was Chinese,

I bet I did really on the Chinese test because I am really bad at Chinese. I am trying though. Then for the last session, everybody had the time to

review but I don't think that I used the time wisely enough. I couln't concentrate because everybody was talking including me! How can you not talk

when all of your friends are around you. We had a good time actually.

On Tuesday, at the first session, we had English. We had to write two essays in shor period of time and may hand hurt a lot. Still, I finished and

handed it in but I don't know that score and result yet. At the second session, we had Science and it was just so hard. I didn't liked it. It was

nothing related to what we learned. It was a test on the skills and processing. Then we had the review session again and I was really worried about the

Geography which was on wednesday, so I studied, ignoring my all lovely friends trying to talking to me.

On Wendnesday, the last day of our exam, I only had Geography and we had to review until the History exam were finished. Then after break, we had

another one whole hour to review, so I kept reviewing then we had to take the Geography exam, and for the first time, I felt that the time was too

short but still I finished it. After I finished my last exam, I felt really relieved.

Now, I have only one thing left. Waiting until all the result comes out as a report.

This is my last term at SSIS and the exam part was a really big memory. Think I will never forget it!! I love SSIS but not the exams!!



Spirits Week-Was it really the Spirits Week?

This week it was our spirits week but nothing went right. On Monday, it was our sports day and we were allowed to wear our house color and I did as I was told but it rained and the sports day was cancelled. The next day, it was the primary's sports day and our class was suppose to help the primary and the weather was really good that day, so I thought that there was giong to be the sports day but it was still cancelled becuase the ground was wet and I was getting a little angry at everybody.

The next day, we did have the sports day and it was nice, though the wind was really strong, so I felt a little cold. Then the next day the primary's sports day went well as well, although it was too hot that day. I had to stand there for the whole day and count the score, which means I had to do math all day.

Then on Friday, finalyy, it was a chance for me to wear something for the spirits week and it was the formal day. I really tried to wear formal but I didn't have anything formal, so I wore white shirt with a tie and it actually did look formal. I mean it didn't look unformal and that means formal.

This week was really interesting but nothing really got well except for mixing so many classes, I really liked it.

I wish we could do another one of this real properly, so that I could really enjoy myself.

There was one thing that I was a little sad about not winning a price. Me and Seri, we really looked like twins. We had the top same with the same color and the bottom with the school pants. I think they didn't give us the price becuase we wore the school pants but we didn't have any matching pants without the school pants.

I had a lot of fun and it will go into my memory and live there for a long time until I have another good memory coming into my mind.

I really loved it!!!


Holiday plan!!

Holiday. Everybody likes this period of time, I hope there is no holiday homework this time. If we get homework, and we are going somewhere else to play, we can't play well because all the things that is in our head is our homework. After we com back from the trip, being very tired, we have to get started on our homework without even time to rest.

In my opinion, the most tired period is after the holiday. There are mainly three reasons. Please notice that this is only my own opinion!!

1. You become tired becasue you have to start all the hard work again after playing for such a long time. You have been relaxed a bit and have been enjoying yourself and you're mind is still on the vacation but returning to school and very quickly, you have to start all the works, that you haven't been thinking for few weeks, that's really terrible.

2. You have been playing a lot and , as always, your body hurts after coming back from the vacation, nobody notices it while on the vacation but after the vacation os over, you feel the pain and it's very very painful

3. Becasue of all the homeworks that you were doing during the vacation. Hodiday is a time for you to rest but from all the homeworks, you get more stress than ever and having to do all the work again when ou come back to school, it is actually really terrible.

This was all my opinion and I think many of you should have different opinions but I don't know...


My phone

As most of the students do (even though some of them don't) I have a cell phone. And it is a convinient tool that we can use when we really need to contact somebody. But sometimes, it is not really a good thing, becasue we need to spend money on it. My morher told me to put 50 rmb each month and I am trying to follow that rule but I am having a hard time and it rarely works. Still I am trying. Phone. It sometimes gives me a hard time because I have to try to keep the money properly but sometimes it helps me alot by making me easier to communicate with the others.

Reading Journal-Never Mind!

Title of the book: Never mind!

Author: Avi ...

Page being read: 200


            It starts as discussing a twin. It is an older sister and a younger brother, and them both hates each other. They say that one of them is 12 midnight and the other is 12 at noon, which is the opposite. The sister is called Meg, which is a short form of Margaret and the brother is called Edward. It starts as they both enter the new schools. Ed enters a school in another town, not very far from the place that he lives, he has to take subway. Meg enters the school in the town. The story starts as Meg going into the High Achievements Club. Meg always wanted to get in that club. When she enters the club, she meets a friend called Kimberly. She was known as the cleverest girl in the whole school and Meg always wanted to be same as her. She thought it would be a great opportunity to learn how she acts and do things because she was in the club too! When they became friends, not that close, Kimberly tells Meg that there's going to be a party at Kimberly's that Saturday and Kimberly asks about Meg's twin brother which Meg doesn't really want to talk about because there is nothing special about her brother but Meg says that her brother is in a band and he is much taller that Meg, herself. As matter of fact, Ed is not in a band and he is much shorter that Meg. Kimberly asks if Ed's band can come to the party and play for them and Meg says yes, which is a big mistake. But then Ed hears what her sister says to her friend on the phone and seriously prepares for a band. In this way, they get together and on the party day, everything goes well except that the band itself was really bad. But Meg kept her promise with her friend and she becomes popular in school also the band guy, Edward. After this happening the two of the both rely on each other and likes themselves.


I wanted to become friends with Ed because he was very bright. If I become friends with him, I don't think that I am going to be bored when I am with him. He seems that he doesn't care anything, even his family but he is the one who cares the most about his family and encourages them. He is a nice friend and he would never make anybody feel bad or sad. He is also very cute and knows lots of jokes. For example, in the story, he makes Kimberly and his father happy with his jokes. The best thing about him is that everybody around him is always happy!


I really like the way how the author laid out the chapter. Other books, it's all chapter 1, 2, 3 and so on, but this book was different. This book was designed by the point of view that Meg and Ed each had on the same happening. The first time, I started reading this book, I was a little confused how the story was going on but as I read through and getting the idea of the book, I really liked. I hope I'll find many other books similar to it.

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