Tess: Movie Review

The movie is called "Tess". The director was Roman Polanski. The name of a few of the leading actors was Natassja Kinski as Tess, Leigh Lawson as Alec D'urberville, and Peter Firth as Angel Clare. The date released;January 1st 1979. The Genre is Romance, Drama. I haven't watched many movies like this, because I watch good movies only. The acting was O.K. Not the greatest though. The script was boring, no action or anything, it was all to slow and boring. The cinematography is good, the costumes and scenery really captured the time and place they were in and the phtography made some scenes like old paintings, which I thought was very good. There were absolutely no special effects. I would not recommend this movie too anyone, unless they're really boring, or want a slow and painful 2hr and 50 min death. But being a boy I might be biased, but this is what i think of the movie, "Tess".


An Acrobat Boy's Blinding Rage Translated Version (haha chong hao, I'm ripping off your blog, just because you do it to everyone elses!!!!!!!!!!)

An Acrobat Boy's Blinding Rage


Three months have passed since the confirmed destruction of Clockwork. In order to rebuild the land of Madrigal, the leaders of Flarine, Saint Morning, and Darkon City had formed the Roikian Alliance, whose job was to unify the land and keep the peace they had worked so hard for. The remaining Guilds were ordered dissolved, but it was that resolution that stirred unrest in Roika once more. An elite group, the Titanic Cosmos, was formed in response to hunt down these renegade Guilds, but rumors began to spread of the Cosmos' extremist-like ruthlessness as they butchered these outlaws. Though peace is threatening to break once more, at least for one girl, her peace remains.

Sasha: *Standing over the graves of Shelia, her father, and her brother, she wipes the tears from her eyes, but her smile reveales that they aren't tears of grief, but tears of joy of the time she's spent with them all* Dad...Shelia...Bro...I'm gonna continue living, as proof your deaths were not in vain. All of you will always be in my heart...we'll never have to say goodbye.

*After leaving her flowers at their graves, she picks up her YoYos and leaves the memorial erected in the canyon, also leaving behind her past in order to move on in her life.*

Speical Authors Note: Have fun reading through all my stories Mr Macknight...I hope I passed Angela or I'm going to have to write more :) 

My personal response to "The Man Who Planted Trees", and the Question "What is a good life?"

We read a short story in class called "The Man Who Planted Trees". It was a nice short story. I liked it, and it was very touching, not in a emotional way but in a..... kind of nature, save the earth, kind of way. It's about this man who, apparently, likes to go on long hikes. On one of his hikes he comes across a shepard. the shepard didnt speak very much but was a kind man and let the man stay at his cottage for a couple of nights. The man noticed that the shepard, all though he lived in solitude, was very well kept. His house was a very neat and sucure house made of stone, that he built himself. His jacket was sewn very well, all of the buttons still in place and patches sewn almost so you can't even see them. So he obviously takes care of himself. The shepards business is to plant acorns and grow trees. At this time the shepard was about 55. By the time the shepard was 87 he had 30km2 of trees, with all different kinds. Like oak trees, birches and beeches. The run down, crummy, dirty city got built up again and turned into a place where no one would want to live, into a perfect family living environment. thats just shows how much one person can do for the environment. So thats basically the story. Now for what i think about that Question... I think a good life to be a life with out any worries, it doesn't matter if you live by yourself like the shepard, or if u have a big family of 8 or 10. If you're happy and u take care of yourself and kno that your moving along all right, then you have a good life. As long as you are happy.

My Self-Evaluation

So this year in English we've watched 4 movies, read 3 books (as a class) and did 2-3 projects. I didn't do anything exceptionally good, but I don't think I did that bad either. I think I liked the most and did the best in the reading part of class. Because if it's a good book than I can read for hours on end, and I liked 2 of the three books we read this year, along with the 8 or 9 books I read for Independent reading. MY favorite book being Maximum Ride (which I think I cleared up already). I think I could do better with the projects, like essays and poems and stuff. Writing isn't my strong suit, and i don't have a way with words so... I could probably work on that. I'm going to start to read more at home to pick my reading skill and my vocabulary. I really hope that I can be better at english next year, but all I have to do is practice.


May Holiday

Well, I went to Thailand. It was cool, and really fun, I rode a jet ski for the first time and i got flung off. It hurt... but it was still awesome!!  We stayed at a beach resort for a few days. Four or five I think. Then we went to Bangkok for 2 days and did some MAJOR shopping, well...it was mostly my sister but, I bought some stuff to. Ok, back to the time at the beach. They first night we were there we went scouting for restaurants along the beach and down the road and stuff, we found a few but decided on this 1 maybe a kilometer down the beach. and with the rocky, "not fine" sand and all, our feet were blistered really bad, well not exactly blistered but they were all scraped up. so we got there, and we ordered, just like any other restaurant, but then we waited...and waited... and waited and waited (you probably get the idea, so I'll just say this, we got there at 7 and got back to the resort at 10). So we got back to the resort and went to our separate little houses (u can only fit 2-3 people in the room so, my parents got one, and me and my sister shared one. So we watched some TV and hit the sack. The next morning we got and ate a delicious breakfast, courtesy of the resort. Then we just hung out on the beach chairs and tanned, then swam, then tanned, then swam, same thing over and over. The same plan kind of happened every day but we found better restaurants to eat at and boy were they good!! So, thats basically my time at the beach. Now for Bangkok, we got there at around 5 o'clock, and we've been to this hotel before and it is the coolest ever, it has a 6 story shopping mall connected to it called the MBK shopping center. We shopped until 10 at night. then the next morning we woke up at 7:30, ate breakfast, kind of waited around until 10, and then shopped all day until 9:30 at night. It was fun, but very tiring on the feet. After all the shopping we got ready for our 2 o'clock in the morning flight....we were all SO happy....  We got back at around 9:30 and just hung out the rest of Sunday. In all, it was REALLY fun and I had a great time.   

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