Movie review - 'Tess'

This movie 'Tess', was directed by Roman Polanski. The leading actors were Nastassja Kinski (as Tess), Leigh Lawson (as Alec d'Berville), Peter Firth (as Angel Clare). This movie was released in 1979. The genre of this movie is: 'Drama'.

The acting in this movie was pretty good, especially the main character, Nastassa, did a really great job. Her facial expression, body movements, and her voice were all different but interesting at the same time in different scenes. But in nearly every scene, she presents a nrevous look on her face to represent the personality of Tess: a girl that's always very careful of what she does. Leigh didn't do a bad job too, since he was totally hated by us, the audience, but that was what he was supposed to do. Be a bad man in the movie. Most of the time he looks, acts like a pervert who likes to take advantages of beautiful girls, but, the thing is, although he's a pervert, but he always kept himself at a really high place/level, and look down on people.

I think the script was awesome, since the whole movie went really smooth, different scenes with great connections, but what I think was the best was that there were always unexpected things going on during the movie. Let's say, during the beginning of the movie, we all thought that the movie will have an happy ending -- Tess marrying Angel and live happily ever after... But after the truth about her giving birth to a child before she was married, Angel left her. She went back to her family, but found out that her father had died, and they have no where to live. So, for the sake of her family, she was forced to marry Alec d'Berville, -the guy that ruined her life by taking advantage of her,- seeing as his really rich and he favours her. There's also another part that was shocking for the audience, the part where Tess kills Alec to runaway with Angel, it was really really unexpected, since we all thought that after Angel went away, they will never contact again, but, instead, she killed Alec and ranaway with Angel has a murderer. If I was her, I don't think I will do that, seeing as being a murderer you will get hanged/killed. So from this small part of the movie, it really shows the audience how much Tess is willing to sacrifice to be with Angel, which is a good and bad thing at the same time...

I would compare this movie to another sad movie 'Romeo and Juliet', seeing as in both movies, the two couples all thought that after they're married, everything will go well and they will live happily for the rest of their lives. But they were all wrong. Tess and Angel left each other after they were married; whereas Romeo and Juliet didn't even get married, but both died. Also, the two movies were all based on famous literatures that were written a long time ago, and both of the movies were a success.

The cinematography of this movie was a great sucess seeing as this movie won a Oscar on it. I think the reason they won it was because in several scenes of the movie, the frame/image was represented like a painting. With all the beautiful trees, grass patch, mansions, great match of colours... Everytime I see scenes like that, I would gasp and admire the image, and be really admired by the director's talent to capture such a nice shot. XD

I really liked this movie, so I will recommend people who haven't watched this movie yet to watch it. I will give this movie a 9/10.

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