Movie review - 'Tess'

This movie 'Tess', was directed by Roman Polanski. The leading actors were Nastassja Kinski (as Tess), Leigh Lawson (as Alec d'Berville), Peter Firth (as Angel Clare). This movie was released in 1979. The genre of this movie is: 'Drama'.

The acting in this movie was pretty good, especially the main character, Nastassa, did a really great job. Her facial expression, body movements, and her voice were all different but interesting at the same time in different scenes. But in nearly every scene, she presents a nrevous look on her face to represent the personality of Tess: a girl that's always very careful of what she does. Leigh didn't do a bad job too, since he was totally hated by us, the audience, but that was what he was supposed to do. Be a bad man in the movie. Most of the time he looks, acts like a pervert who likes to take advantages of beautiful girls, but, the thing is, although he's a pervert, but he always kept himself at a really high place/level, and look down on people.

I think the script was awesome, since the whole movie went really smooth, different scenes with great connections, but what I think was the best was that there were always unexpected things going on during the movie. Let's say, during the beginning of the movie, we all thought that the movie will have an happy ending -- Tess marrying Angel and live happily ever after... But after the truth about her giving birth to a child before she was married, Angel left her. She went back to her family, but found out that her father had died, and they have no where to live. So, for the sake of her family, she was forced to marry Alec d'Berville, -the guy that ruined her life by taking advantage of her,- seeing as his really rich and he favours her. There's also another part that was shocking for the audience, the part where Tess kills Alec to runaway with Angel, it was really really unexpected, since we all thought that after Angel went away, they will never contact again, but, instead, she killed Alec and ranaway with Angel has a murderer. If I was her, I don't think I will do that, seeing as being a murderer you will get hanged/killed. So from this small part of the movie, it really shows the audience how much Tess is willing to sacrifice to be with Angel, which is a good and bad thing at the same time...

I would compare this movie to another sad movie 'Romeo and Juliet', seeing as in both movies, the two couples all thought that after they're married, everything will go well and they will live happily for the rest of their lives. But they were all wrong. Tess and Angel left each other after they were married; whereas Romeo and Juliet didn't even get married, but both died. Also, the two movies were all based on famous literatures that were written a long time ago, and both of the movies were a success.

The cinematography of this movie was a great sucess seeing as this movie won a Oscar on it. I think the reason they won it was because in several scenes of the movie, the frame/image was represented like a painting. With all the beautiful trees, grass patch, mansions, great match of colours... Everytime I see scenes like that, I would gasp and admire the image, and be really admired by the director's talent to capture such a nice shot. XD

I really liked this movie, so I will recommend people who haven't watched this movie yet to watch it. I will give this movie a 9/10.


The man who planted trees.

I think this is a really nice and touching story. In the story, the French man that the writer met in the deserted country side is a neat, happy man; even though he's (French man) not wealthy. What the French man does everyday is just plant trees. He would walk for several kilometres each day in the hot, dry weather to plant trees in new lands. But the trees he planted were not just 'trees', as in plants that've already grown into a huge plant with leaves and branches, but as in the 'seeds' of the trees. So, he planted trees for about 20-50 years, everyday, none-stopping. Even when he was seventy-eight; even when WW1 happened, and affected the whole of France. He just kept on planting and planting....

When all of the seeds turned into trees, the place that was once a desert, turned into a forest, a beautiful one. Even the river started to flow again, forest animals started to appear from no where too. People who once lived there long time ago went back to the small town again, and lived a happy life. All thanks to the French man. Isn't that just a miracle? I mean, from a desert to a froest, all because of one man! Although he did make a great contribute, but he didn't brag about it; instead he just kept on planting trees and just let things be. I think he's purpose of planting trees wasn't to become famous or anything, but to just help the other people, or the town itself; so I think seeing the happy faces of the people that went there is already a comfort for him.

What is a good life?

For me, I think a good life is when people do what they want which makes them and the others happy; but the things they do should be good and be a good affect to the world, well, which also means that they should contribute in a good way for the others. Wink


Evaluating myself

What I've done well this year in English is that I read everyday, and update my Independent Reading in my homework diary everyday as well. It has already become my habit, so every night before I sleep, I automatically take out my journal and update it. But what I haven't done well this year, is blogging. Blogging as in: Updating my Reading Journal Entries. It was ok in the first semester, since I wrote journal entries for over half of my books I've read. But this semester, I became lazy, and only wrote a few. But I think I might catch up this week. Another thing I think I need to improve on is participating in class discussions. Mm... It's not about me being shy and stuff, I just don't feel like saying anything...

Habits.... I still remember the time we were given a assignment on changing our bad habit. Let's go back to time and see what I wrote that time. My worst habit is that I wake up really late in the morning. Although it once seemed like a hard goal for me to achieve, but now, I've finally gotten rid of this bad habit! I don't know why, but i just wake up earlier now.







Exams are finally over for this year! Smile

Horray! Laughing



I got 2 of my test back.

Chinese & Math.

The mark I got for my Chinese test wasn't so bad,

But I thought I could've gotten a higher mark... Undecided

I mean,

GOSH! Yell

Last year my Exam mark for Chinese was higher,

And this year it DROPPED.


And now let's talk about Math.


The mark was a ok mark,

And it was higher than I thought I could've got,

So I'm kind of happy,

But also kind of depressed at the same time,

Since many people got a better mark.



I seriously have to work harder. Undecided


Hate the situation I'm in now.

Sometimes I get good grades,

But other times I get so-so ones,

Sometimes even REALLY bad ones.

And who knows how low I might get for my science Exam?!

I mean,

When I did the First paper,

I was like:

"What the?!

Who knows what stopping distance is?!

Gosh! Yell

And how am I suppose to even conduct a experiment on it?!

I bet some of you had -quite- the same idea when you first read,

And answered the questions of First paper.

When it came to the Second paper,

Questions were easier,

But since it gave us the answers (well kind of) for the First paper,

I realized that I made heaps of mistake in the First paper,

I mean seriously,

Heaps of mistake! Cry

I'll have science class in another 25 minutes,

Wonder if I'll get my paper back,

But if I really do,

And get a bad mark,

I'll still have to face the truth... Frown



After I joined the middle school girl's basketball team for 2 weeks,


I know,

It may be a bit shocking for some of you.)

We're finally having a game today!Cool


Against our own school team though,

Since that's just our schedule.

There's 3 teams. 

In my team,

There's Hao Yu, Samantha, Ee-anne... and many other grade 8 players.

In the other grade 7 & 8 team,

There's Maya, Elisabetta and Rekele (this how you spell her name?)

And the 3rd team,

Is the grade 6 team.



For the following six weeks,

We will play a game every Thursday.

But 4/6 games will be played at school against our own teams,

2/6 will be played in Shanghai with SAS (Puxi & Pudong).


Kind of unfair,

I mean the game schedule thingy.

Since the boy's team can go to Shanghai nearly EVERY week.

While we're just at school,

Playing against each other.... :'(



Never mind.

At least we get to play and,

Have some fun?!

I guess,

That it's not so bad?

: D




My first copy of entry just flew away like THAT.


After I clicked on the publish button,

Not long after,

A small thingy that said something like,


Internet Explorer is having problems,

If you click OK,

You can make it better,

But you have an UNSAVED work...



I clicked on CANCEL,

Instead of OK.


But nothing happened,

It was just a blank screen,

And the ‘Windows' sign was just there waving and waving,

Not realizing that it did NO help.



I guess this teaches me a lesson.

"Write your entry on MS word first, and then paste it on your class blog."


I wrote my journal entry.

I wrote my journal entry last Saturday,

Just like what I said I'll do. Laughing

It went well.

Since words,

Sentences just came up to my mind like:

"Whoosh!" Surprised

So I didn't really took a long time on writing it,

(Compared to before).

I was kind of surprised,

At the speed of it and stuff.

This week,


I don't think I'll write any,

Since the books I finished earlier on,

Were kind of boring to write about it,

(Except for my latest one).

I dont' mean that the BOOK itself is bad,

It's just too complicated to be written into a journal entry.

Since there's this character and that character,

This story and that story,

Way too frustrating for me.

But I guess,

I will still write about them SOMEDAY.

Just not today,

Not this week,

Maybe next month? Innocent


Eighth journal entry.


By: Jerry Spinelli

One day, a new girl appeared in Leo's high school, but she was no ordinary girl. She was 'Stargirl'. She wore long dresses that swept the floor and covered her shoes; strange tops that could have been her grandma's; and also a ukulele strapped across her back. The weird thing was, during lunch time, she strummed her ukulele, danced around and sang the 'Happy Birthday' song to the 'Birthday' people. People didn't really appreciate it. That was not it. She said 'Hello' to strangers; she brought her pet rat to school with her EVERYDAY; she even danced in the rain when other classmates were told to go inside. Everyone started to think that she was fake, just an actress, that it was a scam, that the principal are scamming them. But. When time went by, people started to like her and did the same thing as her. They clapped and danced with her while she strummed her ukulele during lunch time; EVERYONE started to say 'Hello' to strangers; and the whole school even held a celebration when she won the school speech contest. It was ridiculous how she suddenly got so popular, Leo and his friend, Kevin were really amazed. But her popularity didn't last long; people started to find her boring, a showoff and didn't like her anymore. But, Leo fell in love with her. They soon became lovers, but the sad thing was, people thought them as 'Invisible' people, they don't care about  them, or even bother to say 'Hello' to them. They longer have friends. Leo sensed this, and he thought that it was ALL Stragirl's fault. So he told her to change, to become a normal girl who wears makeup, pierced their ears, and wore mini skirts. Stargirl did change, but then things were still the same. Leo still loved her, but he wanted to be treated normal again. So he was angry, angry that nothing could be changed, so he started to ignore Stargirl, but broke her heart. In the end, Stargirl left, leaving an empty space in Leo's heart.

My favourite character in this book would be Stargirl. To me, she is a really different girl compared to the others. She has a kind heart. She always help others first before she figures out her own problem. She's also that kind of girl that is only happy when other people are happy. She doesn't care if she is different by wearing long dresses, no make up and no piercings. She just want to be happy. I really wish I could be that kind of girl one day too, having the courage to be different no matter how people will talk about it or even think about it. I also appreciate the way she treats life and how she lives it. Especially when she does good things just to make herself and others happy.

Although some of the story details may be a bit hilarious and crazy, but overall, I still think it's a good book. It had an unpredictable ending though, since I thought Stargirl would stay at Arizona for Leo. Or they might even marry when they grew older. But I was wrong, which was kind of sad. But, the first thing that came to mind after I finished this book was: If this kind of girl really existed in our school, will I like her? Since the real life and fictional stories are really different, but, I guess, maybe I will. 


I'm lazy.

I haven't written any more journal entries since January 4, 2008.

I know it's not a good thing.



I'm just too LAZY to do that. Frown

But some how,


Right now,

I'm kind of motivated to write some new ones.


I found out that:

1. Everyone is writing new ones weekly.

2. I feel sad when I'm not moving along with my other classmates. Cry


I've decided that,



Or the day after tomorrow,

I will write some new ones!Cool

Although it may be kind of boring to write 2 or 3 entries all at the same time,

But atleast I'm trying to catch up with my classmates!


I've decided that once I reach my tenth journal entry,

I will no longer title my entries with numbers. (First, Second, Seventh...)

Since it is some how weird and inappropriate to do that.

But I will not change immediately,

Since I think it will be better if I start to change after my tenth entry.

(Don't ask why,

I don't know why I decided that too.) Tongue out


Wait till you guys read my new entries this weekend!

P.S. Hopefully I will remember to.


Here comes my sonnet!

"What's youth all about?"


After all the nourishing of the Earth,

The pink flower is ready to blossom.

For long after the period of birth,

She grows and grows to be more awesome.


It's like the summer sunshine shining bright,

Giving people happiness, warmth and life.

Also like the blue waves splashing in sight,

Always with energy, slicing like knives.


Oh! So pure like crystal, dazzling, sparkling,

Ever so delicate, gentle, fragile.

So don't hurt them, they might break their glass heart.

No, I don't think anyone will want to.


It's a progress we go through that's crimeless,

Yet so precious, valuable and priceless,


Cinthy Chen. 7E


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