The Man who Planted Trees - Kevin

I think that this story is really good, because it shows a person who does his own work, and does not wait around lazily for someone else to do it for him. His goal sends him into exile, with the war all around he continued to do his task and lived a happy life in the secluded area he lives in. When he dies the place is left with a magnifice he spirit came back to the people who lived in that little (or maybe big) area of Elzeard's forest and all of its neighbors. Even after years and yeaactually follows and succeeds in making that certain place (where ever he is) a better place to live. Before the trees went up the area around was disgusting, dry, and dead. The people who lived there faught for everything that they could get, and it was just a terrible place to live. After the trees started to come back up the life and the forest became a wonderful place to visit and live, which maybe was the dream of Elzeard, but nevertheless it is (or was) a happy place to be.


P.S. Chonghao cannot translate this it is perfect already. - Really? I found 3 errors and I can't make sense of this entry.



Tess - Movie Review

The title of the show we recently watched is called "Tess". It is a romance film, and was released in December 12, 1980. It was directed by Roman Polanski. Even though there are many characters in this show, there are only three main ones, which are Nastassja Kinski, who plays the role of Tess Durbeyfield, Peter Firth, who plays the role of Angel Clare, and Leigh Lawson as Alec Stokes-d'Urberville. I would compare it to...nothing, as I have never seen anything like it before. The acting was...interesting, but it was still passable. The movie is based on the book Tess of the d'Urberville. Seeing as how I've never read the book, I can't tell you if the book or the movie was better. Seeing as how I never lived in Tess's time, I can't really tell you if anything was out of the blue in that time. However, I think that the sets, the costumes, and the scenery was pretty good. The photography was excellent, as many of the scenes were like paintings. There are little or no special effects. The only effect I can think of was the blood on the ceiling, but as Kevin put it, "It looked like grape juice." I would rate this movie a 7.4, and I recommend anyone who likes romance drama to watch this show.


Personal note

To Lifan - You are just copying kevin's work and adding one sentence of crap at the end of it. If you're going to copy it, correct ok?

To Eric - If you're going to copy one of my stories, you might as well copy the whole thing, and not just the Epilogue. At least Lifan is modifying it somehow >.<

To anyone else with the same idea - The more you copy, the more I get to copy =]


Lifan's Version of Helicopter Crashes

Hey, do you want to see some human stupidity? Well here's your chance! I found a collection of bad pilots and helicopter crashes just for you to enjoy! Here are the links:

The first crash was just human stupidity, the 2nd one lands too fast and the third went totally out of control.

In the earth quake, one helicopter lost control and crashed..... =( (From Lifan)

What earthquake? I don't see no earthquake!! You must be seeing things O.O


What is a Good Life

What is a good life? Is a life full of wealth? Or maybe someone who has made a difference? I think it depends on personal views. A good life to you may not be a good life to me and vice versa. It all depends on the person's goals. For example, that hermit in "The Man who Planted Trees" goals were to plant trees and save nature. Now, that might be a fufilling life, but is it a good life? I'm willing to wager my life that some girls in this school think that a good life is a life that is very wealthy, as they love the idea of shopping with no budjet limits.
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