Evaluating Moi

  I had a pretty good year here in this class and I enjoyed most of the time I had. We did a lot of things in class like write sonnets, read books, watch movies, write on the class blog, and learn other english-y stuff but the thing that I think I did pretty well was probably the independent reading, the sonnet, and writing on the class blog. I found all three of those fun so I guess I just happened to spend more time doing those things more than others. Even though I did those pretty well, I think I should improve on writing my reading journals. In the first part of the year, I wrote a reading journal as soon as I finish a book but after the first semester, I started slacking, putting off the reading journals until now. That's a really bad habit and that habit is probably the reason why I don't have a lot of new reading journals up for the past few months...sorry about that. Well that's probably the only thing I wasn't conscienctious about since I read every single night which is good!

  In English, I have both strengths and weaknesses. Some of my strengths would be being able to read when called on in class, writing okay essays, reading everyday, and some others. I think my one weakness is not being able to organize my essays well enough to get a ten! That's always the part where I get a 7 or an 8 and it isn't cool. I guess I'll just have to improve on that when I write my next essay so no worries about that.

  Well, I improved a bit on my bad habits since now I don't leave anything till last minute cause when I do that, something bad always happens which I thought was weird. After that one bad experience, I started doing everything the day it was assigned or the day after and working on it bit by bit everyday. Not a lot of my bad habits still remain although for some odd reason, I'm starting to suck on my fingers and bite my nails...which is not good. All in all, on the 'bad habits, good habits' subject, I'm pretty satisfied with that.

  The best thing about English so far was reading The Giver and watching Romeo in Love. I thought that those two were the funnest (I know that funnest is not a word but I couldn't help using it...I really think people SHOULD make that a word) things we did this year. I enjoyed the discussions for both of them because they were really intriguing and I felt really into it. The thing that stuck out the most for Romeo in Love was the really really fake 'blood' which was basically just a plain red cloth that poofed out from the sword. I don't really think there was anything I least liked about this class...really. Everything was really interesting and that was one of the things that I enjoyed about this class...interestingness (I know it's not a word...but I had to use a word like that since I couldn't think of anything else).

  I'm not really sure what grade I would deserve this class but I'll give it a try. Maybe an 8 out of 10. It really is up to Mr.MacKnight I think...


Recommended Series (Spreading Its AWESOMENESS)

  For anyone who likes to read, I have a really awesome series for you guys. It's called Maximum Ride. This is a really really really really really really really really really good series! I think you can tell from all the 'really's but it really is good, I'm not kidding!

  It's about Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel (the flock) who are flying kids and how they are trying to escape the School, the whitecoats (mad scientists), and Erasers (human-lupine dna recombinuts) while at the same time, save the world...somehow...So far there are only four books of the series out but I think that's enough for a while but that all depends on the speed you read at.

  The school library has the first book which is called Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. You can borrow the second and third book from Eric (he might not want to lend it to people so...you might want to get it from somewhere or someone else) and yeah...All in all, this is an extremely cool series and I think that a lot of people will like it but you'll just have to read it for yourselves and find out if you do or not! Get ready for the Maximum Ride.

By the way, please recommend this series to anyone you know so yeah...and yeah...so...yeah...that's all I have to say about this! Enjoy the ride.


A Song

If Only

Laying on the grass tonight,

Under the bright blinking stars,

Makes me feel so happy to be beside you.

But then you suddenly vanish,

Into the dark of the night,

Leaving me here, alone, to fight my fears.


I stared back into the chasm of darkness,

That captured your heart,

And thought of all the good times we had together.

But if only you were here,


As I cried in the shadows of the day,

And erased the pictures from my mind,

I thought about the days when you were here.

If only you hadn¡¦t left,

If only you had stayed,

If only you had kept me in your arms,

Things wouldn¡¦t be this way.


Why was it not me that you left for?

Why was it her who stole your heart away?

The deceitful lies that you had whispered

Lovingly in my ears,

Are the only things left that I remember you by.

But now I start to think,

If only they were true.


As I cried in the shadows of the day,

And erased the pictures from my mind,

I thought about the days when you were here.

If only you hadn¡¦t left,

If only you had stayed,

If only you had kept me in your arms,

Things wouldn¡¦t be this way.


I decide now that I don¡¦t care anymore,

Banishing all thoughts of you from my mind.

Never going to care about you anymore,

Never going to think about the life,

That would have been mine if only it was me.

If it weren¡¦t for you, I wouldn¡¦t be standing in this spot,

But I am and nothing can change that!


If only you hadn¡¦t left,

If only you had stayed,

If only you had kept my in your arms,

Things wouldn¡¦t be this way.

If only you had cared,

If only you had faith,

If only I had kept you in my arms,

Things would be better than this,

Better than this life I live,

Better than this life I live.


Home Schooling

   Many people in the world are home schooled. Although a lot of you think this is a bad thing, it is actually not that bad. Even though the people who are home schooled might not make that many friends, they get to focus more on studying and not talk to friends so they will be paying attention while listening to what the person is saying. There are even internet schools which are provided for kids who are home schooled so that their parents won't have to go through the trouble of copying worksheets, reading through textbooks, teaching them to their kids, etc.

  Even so, my opinion is that home schooling isn't the best decision for a kid. Once they actually start going to real school, they might be very unconfident about themselves because they weren't in a learning environment with a lot of classmates for a long time. Another thing would be that they might not be able to make new friends because they are shy and haven't been around a lot of people for ages. Besides that, it might damage the person's social status.

  Although all the things I have written about is true, I know quite a few people who were home schooled and they returned to a normal school and they do fine. But there are only SOME people like that and there are a LOT more people who aren't like the people I know. All in all, home schooling is a pretty interesting experience from what I heard from what my friends say so I would have to say that before we decide whether it is bad or not, experience it first!


My second sonnet

I wrote this only because I was bored on the car ride of this trip I took.


Please take me out from this place of darkness,

And bring me to a place that's full of light.

The misery suffered for such longness,

Will be gone so soon in a flash from sight.


 Is there a place where good and virtue reigns?

A place where greed and malice are banished.

The angels there are as kind as girls are vain,

Though without a warning they might vanish.


 The bombing, raiding, and fighting of war,

Brings nothing but sadness and dreaded fear.

 The setting of the sun seen from the shore,

Might bring a brand new day of hope so near.


Hope is something that people dearly need,

 Without it there is no light, yes indeed!

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